Compare Dodge Charger Dimensions

Every year`s customer desires tend to make auto companies generate modernistic versions with increased performance, many features, as well as dimensions. When you are considering the very last one and try to find out what dimensions the Dodge Charger has, one may be certain in our stuff. On this page, we suggest diverse charts and tables of content with close data in regards to the Dodge Charger hallmarks, particularly, its dimensions. Drivers have so many desires to fulfill - well-being, maneuverability, effortless parking process, productive fuel consumption, and others. For this reason, the dimensions of your own Dodge Charger might be one of the primary facets to think of when planning to take up a contemporary vehicle. Well, every driver knows three dimensions that count height, width, and length. Thus, the height of any Dodge Charger could be sized up from the lowest part and ending with the tip-tall point of the car roof. Next, the width is an important option for those car drivers, who may have a confined car park, because this second measuring defines the widest sides of your Dodge Charger apart from the car mirrors. The last thing to consider is the length metric of your respective Dodge Charger and to learn this dimension a vehicle driver has to estimate it beginning with the back bumper and finishing with the front bumper and lay a device (as a yardstick) on the floor to obtain the genuine data. Usually, an ordinary vehicle length may lye between 10 and 18 ft. In short, you could undoubtedly make the metrics of your own Dodge Charger yourself, but our company`s auto pros have previously looked through the needful automobile guides and recognized sites so you can easily detect dimensions of almost any Dodge Charger in our tables.


How many feet long is a Dodge Charger?

Charger Dimensions and Weight

The Charger is between 16.5 and 16.8 feet long, and its curb weight ranges from 3,940 to 4,591 pounds.

Are Dodge Chargers roomy?

The Dodge Charger seats five people, with comfortable and supportive front seats and a good amount of rear-seat room. Adults will have ample space in the second row, and the wide doors make it easy to get into and out of the car.

How much space does a Charger have?

2018 Charger: Storage and Cargo

With 104.7 cubic feet of overall interior space, there's generous seating for all five people inside the Charger. For a larger vehicle, the 2018 Dodge Charger does a good job to provide enough trunk space for all your important items.

Is the Dodge Charger a full size sedan?

In the United States, the Charger nameplate has been used on subcompact hatchbacks, full-size sedans, muscle cars, and personal luxury coupes. The current version is a four-door sedan.

How long is a 1969 Dodge Charger?


Seating Capacity :6

Doors :2

Exterior Length :207.9 in | 5281 mm.

Wheelbase :117.0 in | 2972 mm.

Which is bigger Challenger or Charger?

The 2019 Charger has a 120.2-inch wheelbase and the 2019 Challenger has 116.2 inches. However, they are both roughly the same overall length — 200.8 inches for the Charger and 197.9 for the Challenger. The Challenger is 0.7 inches wider than the Charger.